HE Eissa AJ Al Fahim receives Happiness Award from Ministry of Health

Dec 18, 2018

HE Eissa Abdul Jalil Al Fahim – General Secretary of Abdul Jalil Al Fahim & Family Endowment, was deservedly honored by The First Happiness Team of the Ministry of Health & Prevention in Ras Al Khaimah - Saqr Hospital on 13 November 2018. 

Following the humanitarian legacy of his late father, Abdul Jalil Al Fahim (mercy upon him), HE Eissa Al Fahim was recognized for his charitable activities and the Abdul Jalil Al Fahim & Family Endowment’s philanthropic initiatives targeted towards senior citizens across the UAE.

Presenting HE Al Fahim with the award from the Ministry of Health were the Head of Happiness Team – Ms. Huda Mohamed Ali Sherif, and Public Relations Manager – Ahmed bin Seifan Al Shamsi.