Emirati Kids Enjoy A Special Day Out At Eastern Motors

Apr 26, 2017

Emirati schoolkids have been learning all about the automotive industry and the famous Mercedes-Benz brand at Eastern Motors’ huge new facility in Al Ain.

Two groups of children from Tamayoz School and the Zayed Higher Organization visited Eastern Motors’ impressive new premises as part of the automotive firms’ continuous commitment to empowering the Emirati youth and individuals with disabilities to find their passion and grow their full potential.

The excited young car enthusiasts learnt about the meaning of the Mercedes-Benz logo (air, land and water) and the history of the first car – the Benz patent Motorwagen invented by Karl Benz in 1886 - before enjoying some interactive car-based guessing games.

They were then treated to a tour of the 15,623sqm facility where they were shown the various components of the car and watched in awe as an engine was dismantled and re-assembled right in front of their eyes.

Eastern Motors is the authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, Michelin, Mopar, Jeep and Fiat in Al Ain as well as a leading firm of the Al Fahim Group, which was founded in Al Ain almost 60 years ago.

Mohammad Al Momani, the General Manager of Eastern Motors, said: “The Eastern Motors team made sure it was an enjoyable day for the kids making it an exciting experience where they learnt about the origin of vehicles and how the parts under the hood of a car work in harmony to make it run safely and smoothly.

“We’ve had groups of kids at our premises many times before and we look forward to welcoming more in the future. As we represent Al Fahim Group in the Al Ain community, it is vital for us to abide by the same values of supporting the public in various forms from promoting education, empowering Emiratis, and encouraging healthy lifestyles to sponsoring societal events and governmental initiatives which bring our community together.”

Special needs and humanitarian care group, The Zayed Higher Organization (ZHO), provides a range of integrated services that aim at rehabilitating disabled people for inclusion into the community. Five children and two teachers, Ms. Mariam Al Suwaidi and Ms. Noor Al Eman, from the local ZHO Al Ain center enjoyed their unique day out at the Eastern Motors facility.

Ms. Maryam Al Kaabi, heading the organization of the trip from Zayed Higher Organization said: “The children had a fantastic time at Eastern Motors with the engine noises on the interactive simulator going down particularly well.

“Being able to offer visits like this where the children are stimulated and inspired by everything around them is really important and we are grateful to Eastern Motors for opening up their new home to us.”

22 nine-year-old Emirati pupils from the nearby Al Tamayoz School were also treated to the educational day outing. The school presented Eastern Motors with a plaque of appreciation following their visit.

Mr. Mohammed Juma Alblooshi, who was in-charge of the trip from Al Tamayoz School said: The visit was not only informative to the kids but also fun-filled as they witnessed the array of luxurious and sporty vehicles in both, Mercedes-Benz and Jeep showrooms.

“The students were amazed with presentation of assembling parts back together and compiling it into one piece. I believe it might inspire them to learn more about this subject and who knows, maybe in the future they will aspire to become a part of the automotive industry.

Eastern Motors’ new world-class automotive facility boasts stunning Mercedes-Benz and Jeep showrooms, and the very best in servicing and maintenance, with huge workshops equipped with the latest technology and highly trained technicians. Bosch Power Tools and Bosch Automotive parts, Michelin, TyrePlus, and Mopar also have brand new modern facilities on-site.