Emirates Motor Company Rolls Out New Mercedes-Benz Vito and MCV 260 R/T in Abu Dhabi

Jun 02, 2016

New Models Set Bar Higher for Fuel Efficiency, Space, Build Quality, Passenger Safety and Comfort

Emirates Motor Company (EMC), the Mercedes-Benz authorised distributor in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the flagship company of Al Fahim Group, has rolled out the new models of Mercedes-Benz Vito and MCV- 260 R/T in Abu Dhabi.

The new models were unveiled at a special launch event held today at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi,thatwas attended by senior members of the Al Fahimfamily as well as executive management from theEmirates Motor Company andthe Mercedes-Benz Middle East Regional Office.

Available in both petrol and diesel variants, the new mid-size Mercedes-Benz Vito sports a host of outstanding features and technical enhancements to deliver improved performance and fuel efficiency. The the rear wheel drive tourer features a row of seats in the cargo area with sliding doors which serves for a multipurpose usage.

The new MCV- 260 R/T, on the other hand, is a passenger-friendly urban transporter that offers unprecedented levels of comfort, space and support for passengers in its category. The vehicle is designed for short distance rides for employees or groupsand intended as intercity transportation of around 150 to 200 kilometers per trip.

Bilal Al Ribi, the General Manager of Commercial Vehicles at Emirates Motor Company (EMC), said: “EMC is delighted to announce the arrival of Mercedes-Benz Vito and MCV- 260 R/Tthat build on the strong reputation of the Mercedes-Benz brand for reliability, quality and excellence. Both models offer distinctive and advanced features that raise the bar within their respective categories for fuel efficiency, space, safety and design features, passenger comfort and build quality.”

He added: “While Vito is low on cost and comes with enhanced safety features, MCV- 260 R/Toffers high quality comfort standards for each passenger. We are confident that both models will gain a high uptake among our customers, and lift our overall sales margins significantly inthe short and long term.”

Launched as part of Mercedes-Benz's sustained efforts to attain a leading position in the mid-size van segment, the new Vito incorporates a broad range of innovative safety and assistance systems. The highly versatile and professional van in the 2.5-3.2 t GVW segment offers a broad range of outstanding features.

The 8.5 metre-long new MCV- 260 R/Tholds a large three cubic metreluggage compartment, seats 32passengers in addition to the driver and boasts personal AC units for each passenger. Its resilient 140 horse power engine ensures ease of driving and enhanced passenger safety on the roads.