ALFAHIM Group celebrates International Women’s Day

Mar 13, 2019

ALFAHIM Group celebrated International Women’s Day with empowering activities for female members.

Staff exchanged ideas on how to develop in their careers, overcome challenges and engage with the organization on a personal level.

Ms. Hanadi Mohammed Al Fahim, Director of Al Fahim Family Governance, said, “As a modern organization growing with the UAE, ALFAHIM Group and the family encourage female family members to hold senior positions within the company, in other corporations and government entities, or to establish their own businesses, while remaining true to the UAE’s culture and traditions. Similarly, we value every career-driven female employee who carries the same pioneering spirit within the organization and the community.”

The activities featured a work-life balance yoga session by Neli Merris – Yoga Teacher and Sound-healing Alchemist, which provided employees with a friendly platform to connect and encourage each other to further develop themselves for a more rewarding life journey, particularly when it comes to showcasing their leadership qualities in their respective professions.

Parallel to ALFAHIM Group’s belief of building prosperity beyond tomorrow, the unique Women’s Day activity further emphasized the group’s commitment to country’s vision, its CSR focus on female empowerment, its continuous engagement with the community, as well as the value of corporate wellness and giving back to society.