Al Fahim Sponsors an Emirati Talented Author

May 01, 2016

In their continuous support of Emirati talents, and coinciding with the country’s 2016 theme of the Year of Reading, Al Fahim Group is glad to announce their sponsorship of Fadel AlMheiri’s first novel, Kingdom of Peacocks - Mists of Time, launched for the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2016 taking place from 27 April to 3 May 2016.

Chairman of Al Fahim Group, Ahmed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, stated, “As part of our corporate citizenship and values as an organization, it is vital for Al Fahim Group to endorse Emirati talents and support their growth. By providing guidance and the right platform for UAE nationals to thrive and excel, we are contributing to the overall development of the nation and Abu Dhabi’s cultural diversity.”

Fadel has always been drawn to historical events especially in the UAE and Arab region. He established Tent Pictures Productions at TwoFour54 in 2013; an independent film production company with a common goal of producing content and feature length films.

The novel talks about the Portuguese invasion in the region and the struggle between them and the pirates in the early 15th century. Along with the availability of the novel in AbuDhabi International Book Fair 2016, the book is available to purchase online at Amazon Barnes&Nobles.