A vision of two young Emiratis transpires into a shocking scientific breakthrough

May 01, 2017

Since the Chairman, Ahmed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, took over the family business, every business strategy had to scope how green technology was going to be incorporated into the group’s way of life.
Today, his vision sees the light as his sons, Mohamed Ahmed Al Fahim and Rashed Ahmed Al Fahim, achieve a ground-breaking patented invention in the world of science and technology.

At an exclusive event for employees and family members, the 29-year-old Mohamed Al Fahim explained, “Imagine the smartphone you use today, for example. If you were to place it in an oven, wouldn’t it melt and explode with all the electronics inside of it leaving nothing behind? With this new fusion of substances we’ve discovered, the outer surface may still melt, but the chip will remain intact. Meaning, it can withstand extreme heat.”

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