61 Years of Progress

ALFAHIM Group is one of the UAE’s most successful family businesses. The company was founded by the late Abdul Jalil Al Fahim in 1958, a visionary entrepreneur who led the company until his passing in 1996. Since then, ALFAHIM Group has continued to evolve and grow to become one of the region’s leading commercial groups.

With its business subsidiaries and outlets located in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, ALFAHIM Group has grown in line with the development of the UAE.


His Excellency Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, Chairman of Al Fahim Family Council & Al Fahim Supervisory Board Member, said whilst looking at the Groups success of the last 61 years:

"For three generations and with the personal contribution of every family member, the group has successfully achieved key milestones. As a close-knit family venture, we ensure that every member adds consistent value to our operations. We are all intrinsically motivated to persevere and enhance the business seeds sown by our father. The Group is proud to be continuously acknowledged by our stakeholders through multiple awards reinstating the solidarity and persistence of the family to contribute to the development of the company and Abu Dhabi's community as a whole."

The Group’s pioneering spirit has a strong thread through its corporate social responsibility programmes, which are an integral part of the organisation. The ALFAHIM Group constantly seeks to grow and build its status as a major contributor to the socio-economic development of the UAE in general.

Our Story

  • 1958 – It was an adventure

    Who can forget our modest beginnings at the little textile and grocery shop on Al Ain Road? It was there that our aspirant vision and foresight to expand was born. It was an adventure to move to Abu Dhabi, that far, far away place. With strong determination and just three employees, we opened a vehicle spare parts shop. As we closed one deal after another, we witnessed our vision becoming a reality. We were growing with the region.

  • 1959 – The first school day in Abu Dhabi

    How will we ever forget that day? After the palm hut with the Mutawah – who was also the local teacher, doctor and poet – we finally went to a properly built school, and we queued up for the first time. They asked us our ages and family names – we didn’t know! And after that we used to run away because we “had a stomach-ache” and wanted to “take some medicine”. But those excuses didn’t work anymore. A proper academic system had started.

  • 1962 – Abu Dhabi rings a bell that echoes in Moscow

    We’ll never forget a day that changed the history of Abu Dhabi. The tanker “British Signal” left the shores of Das carrying the first load of locally produced fuel. We were honored that day to serve the industry importing the workers, tools and spare parts, and renting the marine towers transformed into residences for the workers. We were happy that the world heard the name of Abu Dhabi. The Arab and European newspapers, and even Russian state radio, heralded the end of 2000 forgotten years.

  • 1967 – New ships that roam the deserts of Abu Dhabi

    We’ll never forget the days with Abu Dhabi had no streets and very few cars. If a suspension strut broke, we’d use a tree branch. We knew each driver by the sound of his engine. We imported 13 Mercedes 600 Pullmans, and Mercedes-Benz Germany sent a committee to investigate such a big order of “kings’ cars”. To drive them on sand we fitted balloon tires making them better than 4- wheel drives. It was a sight engraved in our memories even before the cars left their tracks in the sand.

  • 1968 – The “Arab unity” flight lands in Abu Dhabi

    Will we ever forget the day we finally had a little airport? We suggested to the late Sheikh Zayed (mercy upon him) to inaugurate it with an Arabic plane, and he agreed. Everyone in Abu Dhabi was there to welcome the arriving MEA flight. Waiting to see our first jet ever, we sat on the ground with no security around. Everybody simply knew everybody. It was cold, but as soon as the Vicomte landed and we greeted the visiting Lebanese officials, the warmth of Arabic brotherhood ran in everybody’s blood.

  • 1977 – The banks lose the bet

    We’ll never forget the day the first concrete building appeared on the corniche among the palm houses. No, it wasn’t easy. And, the banks wouldn’t finance projects like this. Nevertheless, we completed construction; an all two-storey white building costing AED 21,000. It deserved a big opening event. But, as soon as the electricity was connected, the tenants hurried into the building – with and without furniture – proving we’d won our bet with the banks. We rented out the building and in the first year made exactly AED 21,000!

  • 1990 – The story of a street

    Who remembers the days when Sheikh Zayed was a two-lane highway, with only the Dubai Trade Center, five small buildings and sand, sand, sand. Investing in the area seemed a real adventure. They called it madness to construct a luxury hotel like the Crowne Plaza. The banks refused to finance it. But, it was the vision, will and personal effort that made this project see the light – allowing the growth of a great highway that now attracts the world’s spotlight.

  • 2008 – With the commemoration of the Emirates Motor Company

    Housing the world’s largest Mercedes-Benz facility, we became the icon of commerce.