Why Join Us?

Al Fahim Group is one of the most successful conglomerates in the region with a diverse set of professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Abiding by the core values of Humanity, Honesty, Substance, Foresight and Innovation, Al Fahim Group's Human Resources and Administration (HR) Department strives to positively contribute to the development of employees as they are the main assets of the organization.

Moreover, the Group's HR Department encourages an honest and transparent working environment where employees are treated with fairness and respect. Al Fahim Group utilizes a performance management system to reward best performance and recognize competent members.

Investing in the professional development of staff members is one of the priorities of the HR Department in the Group. Allowing employees to develop to their potential and by supporting a culture where individuals strive to meet high personal standards is the aim of the Learning & Development division of HR.