She’s Mercedes celebrates the strong women leaders of the UAE with a classic Benz touch

Nov 10, 2016

From entrepreneurs to fashion designers, an exclusive list of strong, self-made women in the region were celebrated at the She’s Mercedes networking event hosted by Mercedes-Benz and Emirates Motor Company (EMC) – Mercedes-Benz authorized distributors in Abu Dhabi and the flagship company of Al Fahim Group – at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel Abu Dhabi, on Monday November 7th. The event also saw the unveiling of the sleek and modern Mercedes-Benz - New GLC Coupé for the first time in the UAE.

It is well known that without Bertha Benz, her husband Karl Benz may have never created the world’s first automobile, for she was her husband’s inspiration and business partner. When he doubted his own invention, she took charge by taking the Motorwagen for an incredible 106-kilometer historic drive that paved the way for the start of the success of the Mercedes brand.

She’s Mercedes is an international platform bringing together self-made and self-reliant women from the region to empower and lead a revolution of growth, inspiration and knowledge sharing through exclusive invites and speeches of key industry professionals. Previously held across various continents, the Abu Dhabi event was the inaugural She’s Mercedes edition for the capital. With this event, Emirates Motor Company dedicates to inspire and connect women to unleash their best talents.

Fatima Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, Supervisory Board Member and Founder of F7 Design, welcomed guests at the event saying ”We are truly proud to be bringing such an inspirational event, established by Mercedes-Benz and Emirates Motor Company, to the forefront of some of the UAE’s strongest, leading ladies. It is nothing short of amazing to see so much real talent connecting with one another and building the foundations of the She’s Mercedes community in the region.

"This event is extremely important to me – both on a personal level as a designer and as a supervisory board member at Al Fahim Group. I am delighted to represent the family and the group's efforts in empowering woman to reach their full potential in the business world. We intend to continue driving our pioneering spirit and talents to help deliver growth and inspiration across the entire region."

The event in Abu Dhabi was moderated by Shereen Mitwalli, a recognized Presenter and Entrepreneur and featured informative sessions and Q&A with Sara Madani, designer and owner of Rouge Couture abayas; fashion designer and self-made woman Mariam Yehia, designer and owner of Mrs. Keepa; and Sara AbuDawood who took jewelry designing to a new level with her chic but bold brand Yataghan.”

The topics ranged from the benefits and challenges of working with a partner; to how to create noise in the market and unconventional finance planning; and the edge brought by knowing your audience inside out when trying to break through.

Throughout the evening, She’s Mercedes successfully saw the budding of new connections between some of the strongest women on the UAE scene as the exclusive invitees shared personal stories and insights on turning a dream into reality through hard work and dedication. 

She’s Mercedes is an ode to Bertha Benz and to incredible women everywhere, recognizing and offering them new perspectives and motivation to unleash their best – and the Abu Dhabi event was just as strong.