Future managers treated to inspirational mentoring session with Al Fahim Group

Feb 27, 2017

Twenty aspiring leaders of tomorrow have experienced a mentoring session with one of the UAE’s most successful family businesses.

The Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Leadership Program (ALP), which helps young individuals build on their leadership competencies, signed a sponsorship agreement with Al Fahim in early January, with the Abu Dhabi based firm agreeing to host ALP Session 4.

The young individuals from ALP, were treated to advice on themes such as strategy, talent and performance during a four-day seminar at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi.

Various managers from the Al Fahim Group, including Mohammed Abdulla Al Fahim, covered topics such as the importance of a company’s structure, business planning, performance management, values, vision and mission as well as how all of these can help to successfully enthuse and lead people.

The executives from Al Fahim Group also went on to discuss the importance of employee engagement, business planning and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to the 20 enthusiastic minds who soaked up as much knowledge as possible to help them become strong leaders.

The young guests then rounded off a week to remember with a field trip to the world’s largest Mercedes-Benz facility at Al Fahim Group’s Mussafah facility, including one of the first showrooms in the country, Emirates Motor Company’s Mercedes-Benz Airport Road Showroom. The tour also included a visit to Western Motors’ Jeep and Fiat showrooms.  

Moath Hussein, Chief Support Services Officer (CSSO) at Al Fahim Group, delivered the opening presentation.

He said: “There are so many important aspects, strategies and skills to becoming a strong leader and we wanted to give these smart young people the chance to understand the most important of these, while also inspiring and enthusing them to become as strong a leader as possible.

“It was fantastic to work with such a young and sharp group of people with such a willingness to learn. They seemed to get a lot from the sessions and the field trip around the world’s largest Mercedes-Benz facility definitely made its mark as the youngsters said it inspired them by showing what can be achieved in the GCC.”

As a leading sustainable group of companies that seeks to provide prosperity for future generations across multiple industries, the Al Fahim Group was keen to pass on its expertise and experience to the leaders of tomorrow.

Mohammed Abdulla Al Fahim, Group Head of Business Planning & Performance at Al Fahim Group, said: “As part of our corporate citizenship strategy, which focuses on empowering the leaders of the next generation, we were absolutely thrilled to host these young individuals.

“The delegates were hugely enthusiastic during the session, which at this stage in their careers is one of the most important attributes they can have. After meeting these young people and seeing how they interacted, I am filled with positivity for the future as I am confident our country is in safe hands.”

Shaikha Ali Al Nuaimi, Corporate Communication Manager, Abdul Aziz Bin Humaid Foundation, said, “We want to express our thanks to the Al Fahim Group for delivering such a fascinating session.

“Our young members have told us they found it hugely valuable, while it also helped to drive their enthusiasm to become as strong a leader as possible for the good of the UAE.

“This collaboration was a fantastic representation of Al Fahim Group and ALP’s shared dedication to the youth and future generations.”