Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Foundation (AAF) to sign agreement with Al Fahim Group

Jan 09, 2017

The Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Leadership Program (ALP), which helps young individuals build on their leadership competencies, has signed a sponsorship agreement with Al Fahim Group, a leading sustainable group of companies that seeks to provide prosperity for future generations across multiple industries. Al Fahim has agreed to host ALP Session 4 with the signing ceremony taking place on Wednesday, December 21st.

Shaikha Ali Al Nuaimi, Corporate Communication Manager, Abdul Aziz Bin Humaid Leadership Foundation, said, “We want to express our excitement for this partnership as well as our gratitude to Al Fahim Group. This collaboration not only facilitates a successful fourth session to the Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Leadership Program but also represents our shared dedication to the youth and future generations.”

Building on the success of the previous three sessions, the agreement entails the full sponsorship by Al Fahim Group of Session 4, titled, ‘My Team’, which will take place at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi. The workshops and activities, which will run from January 8th to the 12th in the coming year, will focus on the management of strategy, talent, and performance as well as protocol and etiquette.
Al Fahim Group will organise a day during the session where a speaker will be presented, in addition to a field visit to the world’s largest Mercedes-Benz facility – Emirates Motor Company, Mercedes-Benz authorized distributor in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the flagship company of Al Fahim Group, as well as Western Motors – Mopar, Jeep and Fiat authorized distributor in Abu Dhabi, and the offices of Al Fahim Group. The visit will provide the delegates with an opportunity to engage with employees from the sales, after-sales, operations and the management teams. 

Mohammed Abdulla Al Fahim, Group Head of Business Planning & Performance in Al Fahim Group, said, “This agreement signifies our common goal of fulfilling the potential of young pioneers and talents. As part of our corporate citizenship strategy, which focuses on empowering the leaders of the next generation, we are confident that this intensive academic program will be one of the pivotal elements in instilling leadership in our community and in communicating the importance of socio-economic development in the country at large.”