Discovery of vast oil and gas reserves laid the blue print for the UAE's phenomenal growth and development. Al Fahim identified the relevance of rapid industrialization. As early as 1978, it has been providing the finest support to the oil and gas sector - be it highly specialized solutions or routine management.

In line with its corporate policies, Al Fahim has kept pace with fast changing demands and technologies, while maintaining an undeniable reputation for quality and professionalism.

Marjan Industrial Development

Marjan Industrial Development

Founded in 1978 and formerly known as Abdul Jalil Industrial Development being a member of Al Fahim with superior financial capabilities and professional business strategies and certified to ISO Accreditation 9001:2000, Marjan Industrial Development has been recognized as one of the leading local establishments in the UAE for the supply of engineering products and technical services related to Oil and Gas and Petrochemical in addition to environmental and water/power utilities.

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