Marjan Cables & Accessories

Marjan Cables & Accessories

Marjan Cables & Accessories was established in 1979 under the name of "BICC AL JALLAF" as an exclusive stockist and distributor for BICC make cables and accessories. The company was jointly owned by Al Fahim and BICC Middle East Ltd.

In 1988 the share of BICC Middle East was sold to Dubai Cable Co Pvt Ltd (Ducab), a BICC factory established in the UAE in 1978. As the Ducab product range increased, its share of the stock and business in BICC Al Jallaf increased in the growing UAE market. New products included Lead sheath, LSF and MV Cables.

Marjan Cables & Accessories was the first electrical distributor in the UAE to obtain ISO 9000 Certification in 1995 and continues to hold this certification.

In 2003, the company became 100% owned by Al Fahim. In 2005, the commercial name was changed to Marjan Cables & Accessories and the company was appointed as a Prime Distributor for Ducab make cables in the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Marjan Cables & Accessories maintains a large stock of cables with cutting, re-drumming and handling facilities at Mussafah. The Sales and Technical service staff are based in the Abu Dhabi city Head Office.

The company's customers include the Oil & Gas companies, Electrical Contractors, Government Departments and Electrical Traders. The company sales staff also provide constant technical assistance to Consultants and Specifiers.